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Time of day, starting from the Temple of Heaven, from south to north, visit Beijing's classic attractions. From royal architecture to the city's hutongs, to museums, commercial streets, and a comprehensive understanding of Beijing.

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Temple of Heaven
Start from the Temple of Heaven in the morning and visit the solemn architecture of ancient emperors' sacrifices. The Hall of Prayer and the Echo Wall are famous buildings in the scenic area, which are very delicate.
Qianmen Street
Then go to Qianmen Street and visit the commercial center of Old Beijing. Dashilanr and Qianmen Street are in an area, you can also go to ramble incidentally, it is the epitome of Beijing culture and essence.
Tiananmen Square
After passing the Dashilanr and Qianmen Street, you will pass through Tiananmen Square. It is the largest square in the world, located on the south side of Chang'an Street, on the traditional central axis of Beijing.
National Museum of China
After that, you can go to the National Museum of China, which brings together the essence of culture.With more than 1 million pieces, it is the largest single-building museum in the world. The museum is divided into five floors and has 48 exhibition halls. It is one of the most abundant museums in China.
Wangfujing Street
In the afternoon, you can go to Wangfujing Street, one of the commercial centers of Beijing, where there are many large-scale shopping centers, which is the old shopping resort of Beijing.
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